"...the problem about the egg and the hen, which of them came first, was dragged into our talk, a difficult problem which gives investigators much trouble. And Sulla my comrade said that with a small problem, as with a tool, we were rocking loose a great and heavy one, that of the creation of the world."                                                  Plutarch, Table Talk, Moralia 120 AD                                                                        

copyright2012Hope Sandrow

The process of a hen laying an egg starts with the embryo passing through the oviduct; generally taking 24 hours as does the revolution of the earth on its axis. There’s a similar relationship of space and time between a women’s ovulation, mine, to that of the moon orbiting the earth: 28 days between phases of the new and full moon.                                                                                                   Hope Sandrow, spacetime June 2007                                      

Genius Loci 

Nov 2012 thru Feb 2013 
extended April 1 2013
inaugural project for Platform curated by Andrea Grover
Parrish Art Museum

photo Andrea Grover


Against the Grain: Contemporary Works in Wood curated by Lowery Stokes Sims, Museum of Art & Design 
March 19 - September 15 2013
Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale October 12 2013 - Jan  20 2014http://www.hopesandrow.com/live/ABOUT_open_air_studio.html
Free Advice 
Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art curated by Valerie Cassel Oliver Contemporary Arts Museum Houston Nov 17- Feb 15, 2013; Grey Art Gallery NYU  Live Performance 6-8, Sept 9 September 10 - December 7 2013 Studio Museum in Harlem 
Nov 14 2013 - March 9 2014 Walker Art Center July 24, 2014  - January 4 2015 Yerba Buena Art Center (June 12, 2015 - October 11, 2015)http://www.hopesandrow.com/on_the_road/july_6.html

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Joyce Beckenstein
Sculpture Magazine
March - April 2013now_files/sandrow%20article_1.pdf
New Acquisitions 
November 2012 - October 2013 
curated by Alicia Longwell 
Parrish Art Museumhttp://www.hopesandrow.com/sky/The_Sky_is_Falling.html
Summer of Love, 
Found and Lost

Organized by Hope Sandrow
June 8 - August 18 2013


Observational Findings

artistsSara Greenberger Rafferty/David Kennedy Cutler project Paper Cuts  New

York Book Fair

PS1/MOMASept  19-22 2013

Out (o) Fashion Photography: Embracing Beauty

curated by Deb Willis Henry Art Gallery March 2 - Sept 1 2013http://www.henryart.org/exhibitions/past/1178/2013
Happening Live

24/7. A dozen site specific installations, framed by a dozen cameras placed within open air studio: streaming live to compose a freely accessed public work of art online.http://www.hopesandrow.com/live/ABOUT_open_air_studio.html