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open air studio spacetime

open air studio spacetime founded (2007) and directed by conceptual artist Hope Sandrow whose multidisciplinary art practice is a ‘way’ of life; real engagements with the world to inform and direct her artistic vision.  In the mediums of still, video, mixed media, installation, sculpture, new media, performance and social practice. Exhibited in her artist-in-residence interdisciplinary project open air studio Shinnecock Hills spacetime, sited on ancestral lands. A “home” site (2006) for creating art and engaging in timely matters thru the lens of history making and remaking itself within the continuum of space and time. A laboratory for experimentation during critical planetary change in climate, society and culture. As artist-in-residence, her intent is to present the natural history of everyday life while regenerating discourse on the subjects of nature and art. Issues of identity, gender, science, climate and the politics of power and myth are also at play, representing a sustainable collaboration with the more-than-human-realm reflecting the inter relationships of living organisms to one another and their physical environment. Her interdisciplinary art installation illustrates the central premise of Michael Pollan’s seminal book The Botany of Desire.

An artist project fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts: tax-deductible donations can also support this ongoing project.