October 1 3:39 PM Lillith with Amurrah

Sept 17  7:01am  Fr_ida with chicklets Dayna, Darla, Malcah; cocks Adri, Basma, Dee, Hendricks, Genie, Johann, Sylvie born June 30

The Sky is Falling spacetime Open Air Studio Shinnecock Hills spacetime 2009

Albumen Prints  20” x 16” Unique

Collection of Agnes Gund

copyright © 2021 Hope Sandrow all rights reserved


The seventeen (two pictured) portraits of Shinnecock and his flock in “The Sky is Falling spacetime” were commissioned (2009) by Agnes Gund; realized in the historic photographic medium of Albumen prints (1860-1899). As a conceptual context reflecting the importance of chickens to human and technological development. View more from this series of portraits...

The process involves coating a sheet of paper with albumen (egg white), followed by a solution of silver nitrate that form light-sensitive silver salts on the paper. When a glass negative is placed directly on the paper and exposed to light, it forms an image on paper.