"...the problem about the egg and the hen, which of them came first, was dragged into our talk, a difficult problem which gives investigators much trouble. And Sulla my comrade said that with a small problem, as with a tool, we were rocking loose a great and heavy one, that of the creation of the world.”  Plutarch, Table Talk, Moralia 120 AD


A Hen lays an Egg after light-sensitive cells behind her eyes message her ovary to release an ovum into the egg yolk. Fertilized by sperm, coated by albumen, encased in shell as the egg travels through the oviduct. This creative process encompasses twenty-four hours; as the rotation of Earth on its axis. Hope Sandrow spacetime  2006


continued from “Study”

to reflect the socio, cultural and ideological policies of the Bush Administration.  Bush believed “the verdict is still out on how God created the earth". With Evangelist (Billy Graham) and Creationist (Ken Hamm) allies, a concerted fight was launched to maintain world order (white male supremacy) overseen by a god in heaven. With the representation of all women as genetically inferior reduced to their reproductive function; sexual acts performed upon demand by men. And prevent (in their words) “indoctrination” in Darwinism by be-littling critics as hysterical women (aka Henny Penny), hen-pecked men “acting” unreasonably afraid of change in climate, water and air quality; for creationism taught alongside evolution in public schools.

Anti-science stances to rationalize their “not”: recognizing the equal rights of women (Note 1); protecting civil liberties; stopping police brutality of black men and women, LGBT, legislating marriage, racial and gender equality. “Not”: conserving natural resources on Federal Lands including those Tribal, as stewards, held in “trust”. “Not”: taking action to avoid the worsening economic crisis nor to lower green house gases to avoid increasing instances of climate change, calls for action. Despite exponential amounts released during industrial farming practices that threaten the survival of flora and fauna, such as the chicken who have survived 150 million years. Daily life as we know it: profound changes on Earth from the impact of humans described as the “Anthropocene” that “intensified significantly since the onset of industrialization, taking us out of the Earth System state typical of the Holocene Epoch that post-dates the last glaciation.”

Sandrow proposes a reconsideration of our relationship to nature and the natural world as we follow the unfolding story of Shinnecock and his descendants in her “living” art installation. As she and her muse Shinnecock illustrate the central premise of Michael Pollan’s seminal book The Botany of Desire “demonstrates how people and domesticated plants (and animals) have formed a similarly reciprocal relationship”.

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Note 1:The ERA passed the Senate and was sent to State Legislatures for ratification in 1972 while Sandrow was in art school. (January 2020) The 38th State (Virginia) adopted the law necessary for a constitutional amendment: but  now a joint resolution by Congress is required to extend the original time limit assigned to its passage.


September 30 3:53pm Shinnecock with Susanna

The Sky is Falling open air studio Shinnecock Hills spacetime 2009  Albumen Prints  20” x 16”  Unique

Commission/Collection of Agnes Gund

“An Artist Feathering Her Nest” by Penelope Green includes a slide show of Bengiveno’s 
photographs illustrating open air studio Shinnecock Hills http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/16/garden/16chickens.html
“Fowl but Photogenic” 
by Nicole Bengiveno  includes a slide show of Sandrow’s portraitshttp://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/11/10/assignment-12/?hp